The Ultimate Bachelor can afford to join any gym he wants,” declares award-winning New York designer Denise Kuriger. “Our challenge was to create a space in his home that would be compelling and essential to the Esquire Man’s pursuit of a balance.”


Returning for the third year in a row to design a room for the Esquire Signature Space, Kuriger has focused her attention on ASICS’ deep philosophical legacy. Founded in 1949, ASICS takes its name from the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano—which expresses the ancient ideal of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” Far more than a slogan, it has been the overarching mission of ASICS to bring harmony to both the mind and body through continual study and design research. This, not coincidentally, is the approach Kuriger brings to her own work. “I developed my eye for design by working with talented craftsmen across Europe and Asia,” explains Kuriger. ”In this way, I feel I’m better able to develop honesty and authenticity in my designs.”


Kuriger has addressed the space with deliberation, including only the most essential elements:advanced equipment for a rigorous workout, a massage space that is secluded and restful, and visual features that can both calm and stimulate. While he’s working out, the Esquire Bachelor can contemplate sculpture by conceptual Swiss artist Anthony Bannwart, the ocean fish in his aquarium, or the views out to the Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, and lower Manhattan.


Discussing the “essentialist” qualities of Kuriger’s design, Shannon Scott, Director of Communications and Marketing of ASICS America, says, “The concept creates a streamlined experience for the Esquire man.”


Like ASICS products, the room marries design and high-performance. The best-of-class work-out equipment includes a Resolution Fitness Bodyguard 460XC treadmill, and a Trixter Xdream bike, which provides a variety of environmental “rides” via the video screen. The Italian leather-look CLASS rubber floor tiles from Summit International Flooring unify the space. And to complete the seamless environment, Kuriger worked with contractor Stan Dobrzynski of Calumus LLC to build a false wall, so that the flatscreen TV appears completely built in.


All elements combine to support ASICS’ current campaign, which is all about how the pure physical mind-body exertion of running and exercise helps throw off stress and negativity. “ASICS’ ethic of Sound Mind Sound Body was to me a directive to create a clean, unencumbered space,” explains Kuriger, “that allows the Esquire Man to feel both invigorated and calmed by his workouts. The room should be a source of inspiration,” Kuriger concludes.


“ASICS is a brand that embodies living an active, full lifestyle while maintaining a balance in life,” continues Scott. “The Home Gym conveys the characteristics of the ASICS philosophy of striving and pushing the limits of physical and mental strength, whether he’s challenging himself at work or hitting the pavement.”